• Exercises For Voice Therapy

Exercises For Voice Therapy

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This popular resource, now in its second edition, fills a large gap in the clinical literature. The book now includes more than 70 therapeutic exercises by some of the world’s leading voice therapists—including 25 new exercises—providing a greater assortment of exercises targeting a larger variety of voice disorders. These exercises, which vary in difficulty, are aimed at helping therapists develop treatment plans and session materials for clients with a wide array of voice disorders.

All of the exercises follow the same format for easy integration into your therapy sessions: title, purpose, origin, overview, and then a detailed step-by-step explanation of the exercise, many of which are complemented by an audio demonstration on an accompanying audio CD.


Preface to Second Edition
Preface to First Edition
A Word About the Accompanying CD

Chapter 1: The Practice of Voice Therapy

Chapter 2: Before and After
Vocal Plasticity

Philipe Dejonckere

Ruler Exercise

Edie R. Hapner

Gentle Vocal Stretch and Contraction (Vocal Warm-Up)

Wendy D. LeBorgne

Throat Openers

Shirley Tennyson

Laryngeal Self-Massage

Shirley Tennyson

Light and Easy Talking

Alison Behrman

Vocal Cool-Down

Linda M. Carroll

Vocal Cool-Down

Bari Hoffman Ruddy, Vicki Lewis, and Adam Lloyd

Chapter 3: Teaching Speech Breathing Support
Why Don’t You?

Alison Behrman

Breath Pacing

Linda M. Carroll

Breathing Awareness

Ellen Love Dungan and John Haskell

Flow Phonation

Jackie Gartner-Schmidt

Relaxed Heart-Mind Breathing

Susan Miller

Chapter 4: Using a Semi-Occluded Vocal Tract
Combined Rigid and Flexible Straw Phonation Sequence

Mara Behlau and Glaucya Madazio


Mara Behlau and Gisele Oliveira

Wave in a Cave

Marci Daniels Rosenberg

Lip Buzzes

Alison Behrman

Balancing Breath and Tone Through Advanced Trill/Flutter Tasks

Mary McDonald Klimek

Trilled Carryover

Shirley Gherson

Tongue Bubble Glides

Brian E. Petty

Chapter 5: Resonant Voice
NG Sniff

Linda M. Carroll

Hong Kong Humming

Edwin Yiu

Hum-Sigh with Chewing

Sarah L. Schneider

Chant Talk

Joan Lader

Chant to Speech

Sarah L. Schneider

How to Improve Your Vocal Resonance

Dominique Morsomme

Good Vibrations

Debra Phyland


Silvia Pinho

Hyperfunctional Dysphonia

Marc Haxer

Chapter 6: Integrating Voice Production with Body Movement
Arm Swing Warm-Up

Michelle Horman

Messa-Di-Voce Arm Swings

Shirley Gherson

Breath Sensitivity Training

Martin L. Spencer

I Like to Move It! Move It! Kinesthetically Speaking

Ashley Paseman

Alexander-Based Vocal Therapy: With a Little Help from Carl Stough

Joan Lader and Jessica Wolf

Chapter 7: Articulatory Freedom
Articulatory Awareness

John Haskell

The Chewing Method

John Haskell

Chewing Technique: Speak with an “Open Mouth”

Estella Ma

Tongue-Out Phonation

Sarah L. Schneider

Tongue Teaser

Gaetano Fava & Gisele Oliveira

Chapter 8: Teaching Loud Voice Production
Calling the Text

Alison Behrman

“Cooee” (The Aussie Bushman’s Call)

Debbie Phyland

The Power of the Amplifier

Karen M.K. Chan

Vocal Intensity Play

Rosemary Ostrowski

Using Twang

Mary McDonald Klimek

Chapter 9: Facilitating Efficient Vocal Fold Closure
Vocal Function Exercises

Joseph C. Stemple

Vocal Fry to Modal

Linda M. Carroll

Vocal Fry Associated with High-Pitched Blow Sound

Reny Medrado

Hypofunctional Dysphonia

Marc Haxer

Sharp Onset Vowel Sentences

Susan Miller

Up and Down Staccato

Susan Miller

Phonation Resistance Training (PhoRTE) Therapy

Aaron Ziegler and Edie R. Hapner

Retention of Spaghetti

Sylvia Pinho

Chapter 10: Pediatric Voice Therapy
Quiet Breath In—Easy Voice Out

Ellen Love Dungan

Rewriting the “Script”

Leah Ross-Kugler

Camp Voice

Leah Ross-Kugler

Voice Drawing

Leah Ross-Kugler

Blowing Bubbles

Leah Ross-Kugler

The Owl

Judith M. Wingate

Birds Talking!

Rita Hersan

Chapter 11: Special Cases
Modification of Pitch in Male-to-Female Transgendered Clients

Reinhardt Heuer

Modifying Frequency and Resonance for Individuals Who Are Transgender

Jack Pickering and Daniel Kayajian

Chant Your Pitch (Voice Feminization)

Christie Block

Count Big (Voice Masculinization)

Christie Block

Relaxed Throat Breathing

Florence B. Blager

Low Resistance Rhythmic Breathing for Paradoxical Vocal Fold Motion

Thomas Murry

PVFM Rescue Strategies

Shirley Gherson

Training Open Otolaryngeal Postures

Juliana Litts and Jackie Gartner-Schmidt

Hands Off Treatment for Functional Aphonia

Martin L. Spencer

Cough or Throat-Clear Phonation for Puberphonia

Edwin Yiu

Hiding Vocal Tremor

Julie Barkmeier-Kraemer

Conversational Voice Therapy

Alison Behrman


CD Contents:

  • Carrol, Vocal Cool Down - 1:55
  • LeBorgne, Vocal Warm Up - 3:23
  • Gherson, Trill Carryover - 2:25
  • Klimek, Balancing Breath and Tone Through Advanced *:Trill/Flutter Tasks - 3:28
  • Carrol, NG Sniff - 1:52
  • Haxer, Hyperfunctional Dysphonia - 1:32
  • Lader, Chant Talk - 3:22
  • Phino, Spaghetti - 0:58
  • Schneider, Chant to Speak - 2:40
  • Schneider, Hum-Sigh with Chewing - 1:59
  • Yiu, Hong Kong Humming - 1:44
  • Haskell, The Chewing Method - 1:57
  • Schneider, Tongue-Out Phonation - 2:33
  • Fava & Oliveria, Tonuge Teaser - 1:47
  • Behrman, Calling the Test - 0:53
  • Klimek, Using Twang - 1:50
  • Ostrowski, Vocal Intensity Play - 3:13
  • Phyland, "Cooee" (The Aussie Bushman's Call) - 1:00
  • Carrol, Vocal Fry to Modal - 0:42
  • Stemple, Vocal Function Exercises - 17:03
  • Haxer, Hypofunctional Dysphonia - 2:15
  • Miller, Sharp Onset Vowel Sentences - 1:03
  • Miller, Up and Down Staccato - 1:34
  • Block, Chant Your Pitch (voice feminization) - 3:54
  • Block, Count Big (voice masculinization) - 3:18
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