• Basic Audiometry Learning Manual

Basic Audiometry Learning Manual

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  • Autor: DE RUITER
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Autor(a) Mark DeRuiter/ Virginia Ramachandran
ISBN 9781597568654
Edição / Ano 2/2017
Número de Páginas 216
Dimensões 28x21x2
Basic Audiometry Learning Manual, Second Edition is designed to provide students and beginning clinicians with instruction in the art and science of clinical audiometry techniques. Well-defined learning outcomes, review of concepts, observation exercises, guided practice, and review materials serve as catalysts for active learning of concepts and provide opportunity for utilization of fundamental audiometry methods. The comprehensive content of the Learning Manual encompasses the breadth of audiologic evaluation, including history taking and patient communication, ear canal assessment and management, immittance, pure-tone testing, masking, speech audiometry, otoacoustic emissions, patient counseling, and report writing. This text is designed to cultivate the successful learning of students and entry-level professionals.

Chapter 1. Greeting the Patient
Chapter 2. The Patient Interview
Chapter 3. Otoscopic Examination
Chapter 4. Immittance Instrumentation
Chapter 5. Tympanometry
Chapter 6. Acoustic Reflex Thresholds
Chapter 7. Acoustic Reflex Decay
Chapter 8. Audiometer Instrumentation
Chapter 9. Biologic Check of Audiometer Instrumentation
Chapter 10. Obtaining a Threshold
Chapter 11. Obtaining an Unmasked Air-Conduction Audiogram
Chapter 12. Obtaining an Unmasked Bone-Conduction Audiogram
Chapter 13. Masking
Chapter 14. Speech Thresholds
Chapter 15. Word Recognition Testing
Chapter 16. Masking for Speech Audiometry
Chapter 17. The Stenger Test
Chapter 18. Tuning Fork Tests
Chapter 19. Otoacoustic Emissions
Chapter 20. Interpreting Test Results
Chapter 21. Counseling the Patient
Chapter 22. Reporting Results
Chapter 23. Common Pitfalls in Audiologic Evaluation

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